Der Ätherius Gesellschaft: eine Welt Unternehmen vereint Religiös Männer & Damen auf einem kosmischen Ziel

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Der Ätherius Gesellschaft: eine Welt Unternehmen vereint Religiös Männer & Damen auf einem kosmischen Ziel

Der Small Variation: 1954 wurde Dr. George King erhalten eine Notiz von der unbekannt Aufforderung, zu bringen des Markt. Der Typ gründete eine gemeinnützige Geschäft bekannt als Aetherius Kultur zum Teilen einem lokalen Teil in Amerika, Großbritannien, Kanada, Australien, Japan, Schweden, neben Nationen global. Von wöchentlich Gebetszeiten Unterrichtsstunden bis zu jährlichen Pilgerfahrten erschließt sich die Ätherius Gesellschaft ein kosmisches Wissen und spirituelle Energie das jenseits von Vorstellung.


Wirklich Liebe ist mystische Kraft innerhalb Weltmarkt ansehen. Liebe Links Männer und Frauen, motiviert Aktivitäten, und liefert Bedeutung Millionen von|unzähligen|Dutzenden von|einer unglaublichen Anzahl von|vielen} Alltag. Obwohl wir vielleicht nicht immer es verstehen, ist Liebe ist wichtig in der Ätherius Gemeinschaft für Europa, verglichen Liebe Trinkwasser in nur einem von seinem Predigten: “gleich Leben wie Sie vielleicht wissen es auf der Erde konnte auftreten ohne Flüssigkeit, nichts in Universum ansehen, könnte ohne wirklich Liebe auftreten. “

Der Ätherius Kultur ist ein langjähriger spiritueller Geschäft zentriert auf religiös Verständnis und humanitäre Handlungen. Menschen in der Kultur haben Vertrauen in ein größeres kontaktieren, um bieten Menschheit durch Sammeln und Senden Positiv Energie. Im Jahr 1955 gründete ein Visionär Pilates Griff genannt Dr. George King gegründet die weltweite religiöse Gesellschaft, nachdem er erhalten wurde telepathische Marketing- und Vertriebskommunikation von einem größeren Alien Klugheit. Der Typ glaubte es war absolut ihre Aufgabe zu teilen die hoffnungsvolle Botschaft des Mitgefühls, Friedens, und wirklich Liebe.

In diesen Tagen bietet der Ätherius Kultur tatsächlich Präsenz in London, l . a., und mehrere Städte auf der ganzen Welt. Ihre Mitglieder normalerweise zusammenkommen, um verteilen lieben und therapeutische Energie innerhalb Gemeinschaften und in Globus. Wenn du glaubst angezogen von diesem heiligen Ziel, du wirst Besuch eine Vorlesung, andere Genesung Traditionen in Bezug auf das gemeinnützigen Organisation. Jeder andere, unabhängig von ihrem einzigartigen Hintergrund oder Meinungen, ist tatsächlich Einführung Nehmen Sie an Bemühungen der Ätherius Gesellschaft Bemühungen zu verbessern spirituelles Verständnis zu verbessern , in der Ätherius Gemeinschaft. “Wir sind genau hier zu versuchen und senden die maximale Menge von groß religiös Energie für die Welt sogar wie wir können. “

Dr. George King gegründet gründete die spirituelle Bewegung im Jahr 1955

In wird 1954 a notiere betroffene Dr. George King, wer war ein Verständnis von Yoga und eine hypnotische Trance Methode, während er in their flat in London. A gentle, yet firm, voice outside his human anatomy considered him: “Prepare yourself! You may be being the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament.”

Now, George had never ever observed an interplanetary parliament, although ethereal terms remaining him stunned. He understood he hadn’t imagined all of them, but he couldn’t fathom the things they suggested. He spent the remainder of his existence trying to comprehend the program established by that prophetic first contact. Although he could not describe precisely why, he said the guy understood without a doubt he was basically contacted by an alien and effective force to simply help deliver mankind back from verge of deterioration.

By raising their religious understanding and forging telepathic networks, George heard a great many other communications through the extraterrestrial communicators, including a Venusian Master called the Aetherius, and that is a Greek word definition tourist through the ether.

George formally began The Aetherius Society in 1955. His purpose was to spread the theories of this alien gods and lead other individuals down a path of enlightenment and peace. The company provides since evolved into a worldwide movement encompassing a huge selection of souls focused on residing and enjoying on an increased religious degree.

You can read the wonderful story of Dr. George King’s life work here. As George themselves stated, “i really do perhaps not ask the unbeliever to believe at once, but just request that he applies whatever Aetherius claims to his very own reason.”

Discover treatment & Purpose on Pilgrimages to Holy Mountains

What ties people in The Aetherius Society with each other is a solid, heartfelt desire to help others making the world a better place. Individuals from all parts of society, from Quakers to atheists, find their way into Aetherius culture. “Our users result from different backgrounds in accordance with various degrees of religious advancement,” Oscar stated, “even so they all show the inner information or urge to be of spiritual solution to the world.”

The corporation makes it simple for beginners receive involved by welcoming them to go to divine solutions or prayer rituals. All week-long, members can immerse by themselves inside the sermons, lectures, courses, and religious undertakings for the Society. You can easily research activities on the internet and discover the truth if your regional section convenes. The instructional and friendly environment motivates gents and ladies to get involved in the visualizations, mantras, and prayers focused on fostering globe serenity.

“its all really positive,” Oscar informed us. “we now have countless powerful prayers and traditions always purify the spirit and cure the planet.”

Among the Aetherius culture’s most time-honored traditions is actually its pilgrimages to holy hills which contain large volumes of religious fuel. The business understands 19 hills faced with tremendous spiritual significance. Since 1959, countless users have actually traveled into the mountains to recharge and progress their particular spirits.

During times of crisis, the community pulls from all of these holy internet sites to produce good electricity in to the world to offset natural disasters, wartime dispute, political upheavals, along with other man catastrophes.

“anyone of any amount of development can go to the hills and engage in a selfless work of service to make contact with the religious powers contained within it,” Oscar told us. “the knowledge differs from individual to individual, however it is always extremely good and uplifting. Individuals of all faiths, or no certain faith, are this is join these pilgrimages.”

Open-Minded Individuals provide Their particular Learning & Support

From Ca to Australia, countless thoughtful individuals have come to be followers associated with Aetherius culture and discovered common soil with spiritual people who show comparable beliefs. Occasionally the business provides actually fostered dedicated intimate relationships.

Oscar told you the guy met his girlfriend at an Aetherius community event. She was a friend of just one of this users and attended an Operation Power Prayer occasion because she was actually interested in the culture. Her authentic interest and great attitude caught Oscar’s attention. The guy informed us the guy values her power to realize his thinking and share their targets.

Now they may be gladly married and dedicated to similar factor in marketing tranquility globally. “She understands the necessity of helping mankind,” the guy said. “Our union happens to be invaluable to my own religious development. This has been a blessing in numerous methods.”

Through The Aetherius community, many kind-hearted folks have located neighborhood and companionship. The entity in question reduces barriers between men and women and stimulates connecting on an increased spiritual airplane.

“it is extremely important currently within history to create men and women with each other and achieve beyond borders,” Oscar said. “the leader in The Aetherius Society’s lessons is that the audience is one human race, therefore we need certainly to cooperate more collectively.”

The Aetherius Society Brings Enlightenment Through Service

“adore is an all-permeating electricity, and is above brain,” Dr. George King as soon as said in a sermon. “Simple fact is that great electricity for the cosmos.”

Although George passed on in 1997, their essential information resides in The Aetherius Society. The desire to do great, express love, and unite humanity pushes the organization ahead, and now an innovative new generation of spiritual individuals have stepped-up to lead the community inside 21st century.

Through normal sermons, pilgrimages, and various other holy efforts, The Aetherius Society features furthered the spiritual journeys of numerous men and women throughout the world. Anyone can relate to folks in this community in order to find importance with its theories of love, peace, and acceptance.

“It really is a cosmic objective, but it’s available to everyone,” Oscar informed us. “All of our members, visitors, and sympathizers share a want to serve and help cure the planet through a better cosmic comprehension of the world.”