Data management and analysis

Data collection is a process by which information from relevant sources is collected to answer the specific research problems. It is a systematic way to test the research hypothesis and to evaluate the study outcomes. When it comes to collection of data in multicentric studies, it is always a crucial task. It begins with training of study sites for collection of primary data with higher accuracy up to making it available for statistical analysis. RRN collects wide variety of paper and electronic data generated in multi centric studies. It follows SOPs for systematic data collection, quality check, data cleaning and analysis.

Statistician team at RRN is a team of experts with a proven track record of data entry and analyzing the primary data of clinical studies ranging from investigator initiative studies up to the clinical trials data. Currently, the team is also upgrading their expertise in machine learning approach of data handling.

as cardiovascular and chronic respiratory diseases which together account for 63% of all the deaths reported in India. These growing numbers of non-communicable diseases have overtaken the morbidity and mortality burden due to communicable diseases. Of all the communicable diseases, chronic respiratory diseases such as COPD, Asthma and chronic bronchitis contribute to the increasing burden of respiratory diseases.

A point prevalence nation-wide study called the POSEIDON study showed us that respiratory symptoms (50.6%) were the leading cause of a visit to a healthcare practitioner followed by digestive (25%), circulatory (12.5%), skin (9%) and endocrine (6.6%). In addition, a recent publication on bronchiectasis, in the Lancet Global health, 2019, reported that, a more severe disease and distinct characteristics have been reported in Indian patients with bronchiectasis as compared to patients in other countries.

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