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RRN India

Ongoing Studies

1 EMBARC INDIA (The European Multicentre Bronchiectasis Audit and Research Collaboration in INDIA).This study is being conducted in collaboration with the European Bronchiectasis Registry. To create an Indian Registry on Bronchiectasis in order to improvise quality of patient care through research and knowledge generation
2 TOPD Study of severity of airflow-limitation in treated post-TB COPD patients in India. To study prevalence of COPD and severity of airflow-limitation in treated TB patients and to assess treatment patterns in clinical practice for post TB COPD
3 Eosinophil Study the India’s current cut off values for eosinophil count. To study the range of mean and absolute eosinophil counts in healthy Indian subjects and compare them with asthmatics and COPD patients.
4     ISAR International Severe Asthma Registry To gather anonymous longitudinal real life data for patients with Severe Asthma.
5 SPACER Treatment adherence and spacer compliance in patients with Asthma and COPD Conduct semi-structured interview to study factors responsible for treatment non adherence and spacer non-compliance.

Completed Studies

1.        KAPTAIN- Knowledge and Attitude of Parents towards asthma and its Impact on Asthma Control and Treatment Adherence amongst Asthmatic Children in India: A multicentric study by Respiratory Research Network of India To assess the Knowledge and Attitude regarding asthma amongst parents of children with asthma and the impact of this on treatment adherence in India
2.        APRISE Antibiotic prescribing practices and prevalence of antibiotic resistance in various Intensive care units across multiple centres in India To study the antimicrobial prescribing practices and the extent of the problem of antimicrobial resistance in various Intensive care units across multiple centres in India
3.        GLIMP Global initiative for MRSA pneumonia To identify risk factors associated with pneumonia caused by MRSA in hospitalized patients coming from the community
4.        Prescription patterns for COPD patients by physicians across India: A multicentre observational study To understand prescription patterns for COPD patients by physicians across India
5.      ACIRA Asthma and COPD differentiation in respiratory symptoms analysis To develop short and simple questionnaires which will help physicians differentiate between COPD and Asthma with ease and confidence in the absence of objective tools